This Generation

Thus saith the Lord, I am raising up this generation, I am speaking to the heart of many I am raising up warriors. My Sons, and Daughters shall be used to call this generation to repentance. They will cause many to be converted. They will do great exploits! Where sin does abound my Grace does more abound - this generation is not lost for my Grace abounds towards this generation.

Pour into the youth saith the Lord expect and release them to be used NOW! There shall be Revivals, Breakthroughs, Deliverance in strange places!
The Annointing is increasing there is a roaring in their belly, there is a hunger for deliverance - a desire is being birthed in their Spirit to see there peers set free from oppressive spirits.

I shall give them their identity they will no longer identify with the world. They will identify with the kingdom. They will have greater revelation concerning(Kings, Priest, Heirs of God, joint Heirs with Christ) SONSHIP! SONSHIP! SONSHIP!
They will have a standard of Holiness, and will oppose worldliness, they will not compromise, saith the Lord!